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  • The Incredibles Game - (88% Like It) Play The Incredibles Save the Day and help defeat Syndrome, his evil robots, and tons more supervillains in this fun fighting game! Unlock new moves and use them to help you in your fight! You must defeat each villain 3 times to progress, so fight carefully!
  • GI Joe Ninja Game - (88% Like It) Play as a highly trained ninja as you fight against another operative in GI Joe Sigma 6: Ninja Showdown! Pick the GI Joe Ninja or play as the enemy Cobra ninja, and then fight for 5 intense rounds! You'll need to be good with the sword and your fists if you want a chance to win the battle!
  • Crocodile Jump Game - (87% Like It) Kovu is in trouble and it is up to Kiara to help save him in Crocodile Adventure! Jump from crocodile to crocodile as you try to reach Kove before he falls into the water! You'll have to be quick because Kovu can't hang on forever!
  • Spongebob Assault Game - (87% Like It) The angry Plankton has released an army of robots to take over the Krab Shack and it is up to Spongebob and his friends to stop them! In Spongebob Anchovy Assault, you must kick the robots as far as you can so that they can't come back! Make sure to throw plates, burgers and jellyfish to make the robot bounce further!
  • Sonic Gem Collect Game - (87% Like It) Sonic Gem Collector - Help Sonic collect gems by thinking carefully in this puzzle/arcade game! You must cut the strings to a weight and push each gem towards Sonic so he can catch them! See if you can collect every coin and every gem!
  • Smurf Balls Game - (87% Like It) Help the Smurfs clear out each level of all the colorful balls using their cannon! Try to use as few shots as possible to clear the entire board of the bubbles! The less shots you use, the more points you'll receive!
  • Batman Stunts Game - (86% Like It) Help Batman chase down criminals as he rides his bat-bike across Gotham City in Batman Stunts! Batman will have to complete different challenges and perform tons of complex tricks if he wants to get through each level! Don't let Batman crash and burn!
  • MRD Escape Game - (86% Like It) Help Wolverine and the Xmen escape from a high security prison in M.R.D. Escape!
  • Fortress Fight 2 Game - (86% Like It) You must destroy your opponent's fortress before he can destroy yours! In Fortress Fight 2, you'll have to buy bending powers and use the natural elements around you to help destroy the opposing base! Use your money wisely and make sure you aim your shots carefully if you want to win!
  • Naruto Dragon Game - (86% Like It) Naruto is equipped with a crossbow that he'll need to take down a group of evil dragons! In Naruto Dragon Hunter, you must quickly aim your arrows to take down dinosaurs and other evil monsters that will try to attack! See if you can complete each challenging level!
  • Scooby Big Air Game - (86% Like It) Scooby Doo has taken up skateboarding but he'll need your help if he wants to get big air! Help Scooby reach the highest point possible by landing perfectly and then doing tricks while in the air! See if you can reach space!
  • Sonic Bomberman Game - (86% Like It) Play the classic bomberman game with your favorite Sonic characters and see if you can survive the blasts! Collect speed boosts, powerups to make bigger bombs and grenades to help you out! See how many levels you can survive!
  • Sonic Xtreme 2 Game - (86% Like It) Play Sonic Xtreme 2 and enjoy the flash remake of the classic arcade game! Pick either Sonic, Knuckles or Tails to help you get through each level. Beat the game to unlock every character!
  • Frys Delivery Game - (85% Like It) Help deliver beer to Mario by flying through Mario land in Fry's Delivery! You'll have to control the wonderful characters of Futurama if you want a chance to meet Mario! After you finish flying the ship, you'll have a chance to drive Fry's scooter to reach Mario!
  • Tarzan Jungle Jump Game - (85% Like It) Tarzan wants to collect the diamonds that are scattered throughout the forest as a gift for Jane! Help Tarzan reach each diamond by swinging throughout the trees. Watch out for deadly pitfalls, dangerous animals and man-eating plants!
  • Tails Nightmare Game - (85% Like It) Tails is stuck in a nightmare world and Sonic the Hedgehog is no where to be seen! Help Tails escape by exploring each level and finding the exit. Get out of the nightmare as quick as possible and get back home!
  • Twister Island Game - (85% Like It) Taz has been dropped on a mysterious island, full of hunters and other dangers! Help Taz break the 12 stone statues that are keeping him trapped on the island. Don't get caught by any hunters!
  • Batman Double Team Game - (85% Like It) A battle wages between good and evil on the opposite side of the galaxy in Batman Double Team! Help Batman and the Blue Bettle battle the evil Kanja Ros Space pirates. Make sure to collect scarabs if you start losing your energy!
  • Ninja Monster Truck Game - (85% Like It) The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have a new way to get around town and they want to race to see who has the fastest truck! In Ninja Monster Truck, you'll get to choose your favorite truck and then race it on numerous offroad courses! See if you can get first place to unlock each level!
  • Spongebob Delivery Game - (85% Like It) Spongebob Delivery Dilemma - Spongebob is trying to make deliveries for the Krusty Krab but his competitors want to make sure he doesn't make it! Help Spongebob get past this dilemma by making the deliveries by any means necessary!
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