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  • Toon Fun Game - (100% Like It) Sonic and friends are racing on their dirt bikes and you'll get a chance to help out! Drive each bike across each level and make sure you are first to unlock the next level! See if you can beat all 10 challenging levels!
  • Final Sonic X 5 Game - (92% Like It) Sonic is in major trouble and it is up to you to help him defeat the guardian of the Stone of Chaos! Play Final Fantasy Sonic X Ep 5 and get ready to use attacks, magic and good defense to take down your enemies. Make sure to win because Sonic needs to also help his other friends who are in danger!
  • Final Sonic X 6 Game - (92% Like It) Tails and Knuckles are mortally wounded and it is up to Sonic and the rest of his friends to take revenge! Help Sonic save his dying friends and get the emerald back from the evil Dr. Eggman! Meet new characters and get ready for the ultimate showdown in Final Fantasy Sonic X Ep 6!
  • Sonic Collect Game - (91% Like It) Sonic has found a more efficient way of getting around but he's still not used to driving in Sonic Crazy Coin Collect! Help Sonic drive around the Green Zone so that he doesn't crash!
  • Sonic Runner Game - (90% Like It) Sonic is running as fast as he can and he isn't going to stop for anything! In Sonic Runner, you must race for as long as possible, all while collecting coins and avoiding pitfalls! Look out for super jumps and other powerups!
  • Final Sonic X 4 Game - (90% Like It) Sonic is back in Final Fantasy Sonic X Ep 4 along with Shadow, Tails and more surprise friends from all your favorite arcade adventures! In this episode Sonic and his friends are in major trouble and the only way to save them is to beat out Xeon and Bass! See if you can defeat these two tough enemies to save your friend!
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Games are a great way to escape real life and have a little fun. Did you know that they have sonic games online? Well they do and they are to die for! Sonic games online are the funniest ever. To be able to control what sonic is doing and help him catch as many coins as he can is a blast. If you have ever played sonic before, there is no way you cannot absolutely love it! When I play the game and going around the curves and tunnels, I feel like I am right there in the game. I think that is what makes the game so great, is that you actually feel in the game, living the game. If you haven’t tried it yet, you better try it soon, because you are definitely missing out!

Sonic by far is one of the most iconic game characters in history. While Nintendo had Mario, Sega had Sonic. These days however, there are cooperative games between the both. You can check out Mario Sonic games to see and play for yourself. You can also play as the most trusted friend of Sonic, Tails. You can play the duo on Tails and Sonic games.

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