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  • Wake Up Dad Game - (100% Like It) Bear Dad and his son want to get some honey but first they'll have to reach the beehive! In Wake Up Dad, you'll have to control both bears and help them work together to reach the goal! See if you can successfully navigate lots of fun, challenging levels!
  • Penguin Jin Game - (100% Like It) Penguin Jin needs help collecting fishes for his big dinner! Carefully walk around the icy levels and collect enough fish for a feast! Make sure you watch out for obstacles and other dangers on your journey!
  • Where Is My Gift Game - (100% Like It) These two kids lost all their birthday gifts and they are out to find them! In Where Is My Gift, you must help the two kids work together to find all their presents! Make sure you don't run into any enemies!
  • Spongebob Halloween Adventure Game - (100% Like It) Spongebob and Patrick are looking for extra pumpkins for their Halloween party, but they'll first need to navigate through several haunted levels! Help these two friends find their way through each level and collect all their supplies in Spongebob Halloween Adventure! Make sure you avoid the ghosts and other enemies!
  • Illusionists Dream Game - (91% Like It) The Illusionists Dream - A famous Illusionist is stuck in a dream and you must help him escape! Transform into different animals and attempt to move through your dream so that you will wake up and get back to the real world!
  • Sketchman Game - (89% Like It) Help Sketchman survive by helping him run as far as possible! Use jumps and weapons to help you get past all traps and enemies! You'll have to be quick on the keyboard if you want to survive long!
  • Splitman 2 Game - (88% Like It) Splitman is stuck in a weird looking lab and he needs all the help he can get to escape! Use the objects in the lab to help Splitman clone himself so he can get out! Watch out for all the traps that have been laid out!
  • Comic Book Cody Game - (88% Like It) Cody has had his favorite comic book collection stolen by a group of thieves and he's going to fight to get them back! In Comic Book Cody, track down the burglars and change into a superhero form to knock them out on each level! You'll gain all sorts of superpowers including the ability to fly, freeze, shoot lasers, and more!
  • Avengers Takedown Game - (87% Like It) The Avengers need to investigate an enemy base that is in a dormant volcano! Choose either Hawkeye or Black Widow and explore the volcano base and take out the enemies inside! See if you can get through all 8 chapters!
  • Nyan Cat Game - (86% Like It) The Nyan Cat is floating through space and he is really hungry! In Nyan Cat Lost in Space, you must bounce from platform to platform collecting food and powerups for as long as possible! Make sure you avoid enemies and other obstacles that will knock you out of the sky!
  • Crash Bandicoot Game - (86% Like It) Help Crash Bandicoot through each level as he collects jewels and destroys boxes in this fun flash remake of the popular arcade game! Watch out for TNT boxes and other enemies that want to stop Crash. Also make sure to keep an eye out for bonuses and other secret areas!
  • Lazerman Game - (86% Like It) You are part man and part robot and the time has come for you to escape the lab and get out in Lazerman! Bounce around the room at high speeds to break through walls, boxes and much more! Unlock suits, powerups and special abilities by collecting items!
  • Ninja Frog Game - (86% Like It) Play as Ninja Frog, a powerful fighter who was once a young prince! In your former life, you were set to take over the kingdom until an evil witch put a nasty curse on you! After years of study, you are now ready to travel around the world to find 4 magical stones that can bring you back to your original self!
  • Kings Ascent Game - (86% Like It) An ancient dragon who was slain is seeking revenge and now the king must escape! In King's Ascent, jump from platform to platform in a giant tower and see if you can escape the dragon's clutches! Use the unstable platforms to hurt the dragon, and keep an eye out for powerups!
  • Gold Rush Mania Game - (86% Like It) Your mining cart is out of control and you need to make sure you reach the end of the mine! In Gold Rush Mania, you'll have to drive your mining cart on each platform without falling into the depths of the mine! Collect all the gold you can for extra points!
  • Level Editor Game - (86% Like It) Run through each level by creating your own pathway! In Level Editor you get a certain amount of building blocks to help you reach the end of the board! Build carefully and make sure you avoid all the dangerous enemies and traps that will prevent your success!
  • Ultimate Sonic Game - (85% Like It) Ultimate Flash Sonic - The popular Sonic the Hedgehog is back in an all new flash game adventure! Dr. Eggman has released an army of enemies who want to take out Sonic! Choose between Sonic, Knuckles, Tails or Cream and get ready to take on Dr. Eggman and all of his mechanical monsters!
  • Snail Bob Space Game - (85% Like It) Bob the Snail is heading to space but he'll need your help training, flying his spaceship and surviving the alien planet! In Snail Bob in Space, you'll have to master anti-gravity and other tricks if you want a chance to survive! Keep a lookout for hidden stars that will give you extra points!
  • Speed Runner Game - (85% Like It) The city is in trouble and Speed Runner is the only superhero that can help! Race across the city and work to track down a diabolical bomber! Make sure to use your grappling hook to really get some extra speed!
  • Run Bolt Run Game - (85% Like It) Penny has been kidnapped and it is up to Bolt to save her in Run Bolt Run! Run across dangerous skylines and fight off scary bad guys! Remember that Bolt doesn't have any superpowers so be careful not to fall!

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