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  • Wolverine Fury Game - (89% Like It) The legendary Wolverine is back in action as he battles ninjas, thugs and other mafia members in Tokyo! In Wolverine Tokyo Fury, you can choose between 3 different types of game play including story mode, endless mode and survival mode! Do you best to fight of the Yakuza and save the world!
  • Spiderman Racer Game - (88% Like It) Spiderman and his enemies are competing in a bike race and he'll need your help winning! Choose between Spiderman, Sand Man, Goblin, and Octopus and then hop on your bike for a wild ride! Be careful not to crash or your race will be over!
  • Comic Book Cody Game - (88% Like It) Cody has had his favorite comic book collection stolen by a group of thieves and he's going to fight to get them back! In Comic Book Cody, track down the burglars and change into a superhero form to knock them out on each level! You'll gain all sorts of superpowers including the ability to fly, freeze, shoot lasers, and more!
  • Batman Truck Game - (87% Like It) Batman is racing through Gotham city's park to reach his nemesis in Batman Truck! Race over hills, pits, and other obstacles as you try to make it to your destination! Don't flip and make sure you collect bat logos to get more points!
  • Avengers Takedown Game - (87% Like It) The Avengers need to investigate an enemy base that is in a dormant volcano! Choose either Hawkeye or Black Widow and explore the volcano base and take out the enemies inside! See if you can get through all 8 chapters!
  • Batman Stunts Game - (86% Like It) Help Batman chase down criminals as he rides his bat-bike across Gotham City in Batman Stunts! Batman will have to complete different challenges and perform tons of complex tricks if he wants to get through each level! Don't let Batman crash and burn!
  • Batman Fighter Game - (86% Like It) There was a riot at the stadium and Batman has been called in to help take care of all the bad guys that are causing problems! In Batman Fighter you must fight all the enemies before they can cause any more harm to the innocent people of Gotham City!
  • Lazerman Game - (86% Like It) You are part man and part robot and the time has come for you to escape the lab and get out in Lazerman! Bounce around the room at high speeds to break through walls, boxes and much more! Unlock suits, powerups and special abilities by collecting items!
  • Monster House Game - (86% Like It) The Power Rangers are lost in a house full of monsters and you must help them find a way out! In Power Rangers Monster House, run through each level and fight as many bad guys as you can while you look for an exit! You'll have to be quick with the punches and kicks if you want to outdo these monsters!
  • Spiderman Raid Game - (86% Like It) In Spiderman City Raid, you must help Spidey save the day by helping him swing from platform to platform using his web-slinging abilities! Watch out though, Spiderman's web won't last forever so you'll have to be quick when swinging! See how far across the city you can swing!
  • Batman Double Team Game - (85% Like It) A battle wages between good and evil on the opposite side of the galaxy in Batman Double Team! Help Batman and the Blue Bettle battle the evil Kanja Ros Space pirates. Make sure to collect scarabs if you start losing your energy!
  • Speed Runner Game - (85% Like It) The city is in trouble and Speed Runner is the only superhero that can help! Race across the city and work to track down a diabolical bomber! Make sure to use your grappling hook to really get some extra speed!
  • Planet Hulk Game - (85% Like It) A race of alien people have taken the Hulk and forced him to fight for their entertainment! In Planet Hulk: Gladiators, you'll have to survive 9 rounds of intense combat against the best fighters on Sakaar! Pick out a Hulk Gladiator, and then see if you can win your freedom!
  • Spiderman Wanted 2 Game - (85% Like It) Spiderman is chasing down enemies the old fashioned way! In Spiderman Wanted 2 you must drive through the streets chasing after criminals as they try to get away! Shoot down any enemies that try to run you off the road!
  • Batman Vs Zombies Game - (85% Like It) Zombies have overrun Gotham City and Batman is coming to the rescue! In Batman Vs Zombies, you'll get a chance to run down tons of zombies using the Batmobile! Clear the city of zombies so the citizens feel safe again!
  • Avengers Thor Game - (85% Like It) Thor needs to save the world from an evil force that has taken over the city! Run as fast as you can and take out as many enemies as you can in this awesome Lego Avenger game! Collect powerups and see if any special guests come to help you out!
  • Stark Tower Defend Game - (85% Like It) Stark Tower Defense - Help save Stark Tower from destruction in this superhero themed defense tower game! Position Spiderman, Thor, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, and Cyclops in strategic locations so that you can defeat Dr. Doom and his legions of villains! Upgrade your powers as you defeat more enemies because they will eventually get very strong!
  • Songoku World Game - (85% Like It) Robo X has taken over a planetarium exhibit and brought it to life! Help Goku defeat Robo X by hitting his arms which are very weak! Watch out for flying cars and other obstacles that Robo X will throw your way!
  • Hawkgirl Training Game - (85% Like It) Superheros need to train just as much as anyone else! In Justice League: Training Center you'll have to help Hawkgirl practice here flying! Use the spacebar to launch and then glide through the air using the arrow keys!
  • Ben 10 Crisis Game - (85% Like It) Ben 10 is trying to save the city from Agrregor and his army of robots while using the form of Ultimate Swampfire! Fight off each robot and earn energy to perform a super attack! Earn points to unlock new combos and powers!
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