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  • Angry Birds Bubbles Game - (100% Like It) Clear out the level of all the Angry Birds by creating a group of 3 or more matching colors! Launch each bird into the group and see if you can create a chain of matching birds! See if you can clear out each level!
  • Ben 10 Driver Game - (100% Like It) Ben10 needs to reach his destination quickly and he'll need your help! Ben 10's family is in danger and he'll need to rush to each location! Help him drive offroad in his jeep and make sure he doesn't crash!
  • Angry Birds Ride Game - (100% Like It) The Angry Birds are back and now they have a car to help them travel! Collect donuts and travel the bumpy roads as you travel in Angry Birds Ride! Make sure you don't flip your car!
  • Pacman 3D Game - (100% Like It) Pacman is back and he's trying out a whole new type of maze! In Pacman 3D, see if you can navigate this maze and survive!
  • Spongebob Mystery Sea Game - (100% Like It) Spongebob and Patrick are on a whole new underwater adventure! In Spongebob Mystery Sea, you must help control these two friends so they can collect ancient treasures! Use your bubble packs to float around and collect each item!
  • Jerrys Way Game - (100% Like It) Jerry is looking all over the place for cheese and he'll need your help navigating each level! In Jerry's Way, you'll have to be careful walking through the jungle as you search for as much cheese as possible!
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Often times it can be hard for little ones to see their older siblings playing games too advanced for them. Moreover most parents do not want their children investing hours of such a developmentally crucial time into something with no educational value. The combination of these factors will often lead to tears and tantrums which isn't pleasant for anyone. Fortunately in recent years there has been more attention paid toward making fun, instructive kid games. Watching cartoons is the all-time favorite past time for young kids. Cartoon games are not different. With this, there are a lot of gaming companies and groups who devoted their resources in creating games for kids that are reflections of the most popular cartoons on TV. Action packed Power Ranger games are very popular amongst young boys while Dora the Explorer games seem to be more popular for girls. Street racing games and other arcade games are more popular to children who love to go out and adventure. Some of the Sponge Bob themed games are like this. The character itself makes it enjoyable already to play. Small children can and should be able to enjoy games just like their older siblings. Many companies are now looking to present worthwhile children games, so with patience a perfect game for any child.

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