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  • Monkey N Bananas Game - (90% Like It) A stampede of apes is right behind you and you need to outrun them as best you can in Monkey 'N' Bananas! Watch out for logs, rocks, and other obstacles as you run! Make sure you collect as many bananas as you can while you run!
  • Sonic Collect Game - (89% Like It) Sonic has found a more efficient way of getting around but he's still not used to driving in Sonic Crazy Coin Collect! Help Sonic drive around the Green Zone so that he doesn't crash!
  • Sonic Jump Star Game - (88% Like It) Sonic the Hedgehog is trying to reach space and the only way he can make it is by jumping from spring loaded platforms! Help direct Sonic so that he is continuously has a platform to land on as he reaches higher and higher into the sky! Make sure to collect coins and other powerups along the way!
  • Comic Book Cody Game - (88% Like It) Cody has had his favorite comic book collection stolen by a group of thieves and he's going to fight to get them back! In Comic Book Cody, track down the burglars and change into a superhero form to knock them out on each level! You'll gain all sorts of superpowers including the ability to fly, freeze, shoot lasers, and more!
  • Kombat Fighters Game - (88% Like It) Choose some of your favorite video game characters and then fight in the ultimate card battle in Kombat Fighters! Choose your fighter and then plan a strategic attack and defense by playing certain cards! Predict what your opponent will do, and then try to counter that with your own moves!
  • Spongebob Assault Game - (87% Like It) The angry Plankton has released an army of robots to take over the Krab Shack and it is up to Spongebob and his friends to stop them! In Spongebob Anchovy Assault, you must kick the robots as far as you can so that they can't come back! Make sure to throw plates, burgers and jellyfish to make the robot bounce further!
  • Sonic Skate Game - (87% Like It) Sonic has found a hoverboard and now he can get around even faster! Race through each level on your hover skateboard and collect as many coins as possible! Perform tricks and awesome stunts to get major points!
  • Tideturner Game - (87% Like It) Control the waves so your jet skier can fly through the ocean at crazy speeds in Tideturner! You'll have to make sure the waves are high enough to avoid dangerous coral reef, and low enough to duck under dangerous caves! Hit swimmers as you ride by for extra points!
  • Smurf Balls Game - (87% Like It) Help the Smurfs clear out each level of all the colorful balls using their cannon! Try to use as few shots as possible to clear the entire board of the bubbles! The less shots you use, the more points you'll receive!
  • Ninja Hamster Game - (87% Like It) Ninja Hamster has been called in by a friend to help him defeat evil robots who have stolen his sushi recipes! Help Ninja Hamster defeat the evil robots who will be dropping in all around him! Click on the robots to attack them and then wait for the big boss to come in to retrieve the stolen recipes!
  • Stunt Pilot 2 Game - (87% Like It) Sit in a classic looking airplane and then get ready for takeoff as you fly through the beautiful city of San Francisco in Stunt Pilot 2! You'll have a chance to fly over Alcatrez Island, the city, and through the Golden Gate Bridge! Hit all the rings to unlock the new levels!
  • Electric Boy Game - (86% Like It) The mysterious Lord of Fire wants to take away your electricity for himself, but you have a chance to stop him! In Electric Boy, explore your surrounding and see if you can click on certain objects that may help you reach the Lord of Fire and stop him! Make sure he doesn't take over the town!
  • Nyan Cat Game - (86% Like It) The Nyan Cat is floating through space and he is really hungry! In Nyan Cat Lost in Space, you must bounce from platform to platform collecting food and powerups for as long as possible! Make sure you avoid enemies and other obstacles that will knock you out of the sky!
  • Sonic Test Run Game - (86% Like It) Shadow and Sonic are at it again, but this time they are challenging each other in battle cards! In Sonic Test Run you must master the battle cards game and then take on your toughest foe, Sonic himself! Collect cards and hone your skills to beat him!
  • Crash Bandicoot Game - (86% Like It) Help Crash Bandicoot through each level as he collects jewels and destroys boxes in this fun flash remake of the popular arcade game! Watch out for TNT boxes and other enemies that want to stop Crash. Also make sure to keep an eye out for bonuses and other secret areas!
  • Super Sonic Biker Game - (86% Like It) Sonic just got a new motorcycle and he wants to take it out for a spin! In Super Sonic Extreme Biker, you'll have to race on a crazy course full of hills, massive drops and more! Do your best not to let Sonic crash!
  • Snail Bob Egypt Game - (86% Like It) Snail Bob has gotten sucked in by a portal and now he's stuck in ancient Egypt! Help Snail Bob get back home by crossing over 25 levels of desert, pyramids and enemies! Look out for 3 stars that are on each level!
  • Kings Ascent Game - (86% Like It) An ancient dragon who was slain is seeking revenge and now the king must escape! In King's Ascent, jump from platform to platform in a giant tower and see if you can escape the dragon's clutches! Use the unstable platforms to hurt the dragon, and keep an eye out for powerups!
  • Gold Rush Mania Game - (86% Like It) Your mining cart is out of control and you need to make sure you reach the end of the mine! In Gold Rush Mania, you'll have to drive your mining cart on each platform without falling into the depths of the mine! Collect all the gold you can for extra points!
  • Angry Gran Run Game - (86% Like It) Angry Gran is ready for some action as she runs the streets at full speed! Run over pedestrians, avoid obstacles and do your best to earn coins to upgrade your abilities! You'll have to be quick if you want to run really far!
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