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  • Ether Magic Cards Game - (94% Like It) Your kingdom is in danger and it is up to you to save it in Ether of Magic Cards! Use strategy and strength to defeat a group of evil wizards who have attempted to use their black magic to take over the world! See if you can handle the magic and power that these wizards will use to destroy you!
  • Dino Eat Meat Game - (93% Like It) This litle dinosaur is hungry and he wants his food delivered in Dino Eat Meat! Carefully cut each vine so that the dinosaur gets his meal without it hitting the ground! Watch out for obstacles and collect hot sauce for extra points!
  • Final Sonic X 5 Game - (92% Like It) Sonic is in major trouble and it is up to you to help him defeat the guardian of the Stone of Chaos! Play Final Fantasy Sonic X Ep 5 and get ready to use attacks, magic and good defense to take down your enemies. Make sure to win because Sonic needs to also help his other friends who are in danger!
  • Final Sonic X 6 Game - (92% Like It) Tails and Knuckles are mortally wounded and it is up to Sonic and the rest of his friends to take revenge! Help Sonic save his dying friends and get the emerald back from the evil Dr. Eggman! Meet new characters and get ready for the ultimate showdown in Final Fantasy Sonic X Ep 6!
  • Learn To Fly Game - (92% Like It) Even a penguin can learn to fly if they are innovative enough! Slide down an icy ramp and then launch yourself in the air to see how far you can go! Buy gliders and rockets, or just use your points to research better flight methods in Learn to Fly!
  • Team Of Robbers Game - (92% Like It) Lead a crackpot team of burglars into their next heist as you pick locks, avoid police, and steal as much as possible in Team of Robbers! Each robber will have his own special task, whether that is fighting off the police, hacking into databases, or lifting all the heavy objects! Assign each role and then steal everything possible as fast as you can!
  • Gate Of Apocalypse Game - (91% Like It) The Gate of Apocalypse has opened and monsters are destroying your once peaceful kingdom! Choose between 3 brave warriors and attempt to make your way to the gate to close it forever! Make sure you continue to upgrade your equipment, weapons, and armor as you earn money!
  • Electric Man 2 Game - (91% Like It) Fight in the Tournament of Voltagen to compete for the title champ of all the stick man universe. In Electricman 2 HS, fight using a combination of martial arts, street fighting, and super powers to destroy your opponent. The current champ is undefeated so fight wisely!
  • Infamous Game - (91% Like It) Play the flash version of the popular console game Infamous! Choose a path of good or evil and decide whether or not you will save or kill the remaining population! Watch out for reapers and make sure you use your super powers to your advantage!
  • Presidential Fight Game - (91% Like It) Pick your favorite presidential nominee and get ready for a good street brawl! In Presidential Street Fight, you must shoot projectiles at the opposing side in an attempt to knock them out! There's no secret service protecting these presidential nominees so feel free to go nuts!
Arcade Games

If you need something to take your mind off of reality, Arcade games can be the best way to go. You can get so caught up in trying to put the hamburger together within a specified amount of time that you cannot think of anything else. Plus Arcade games can make you laugh with glee when you actually beat the clock or defeat the enemy. Sometimes it is just fun to play some of the old Arcade games such as Pac Man. . It is just as much fun to play today as it was when the game was first created. You can still find a lot of the old Arcade games to play on the internet. And a lot of these are now free games. So take some time out and relieve some stress by having fun and playing your favorite Arcade game.

Arcade games have truly evolved in terms of game play and graphics. Despit this, the traditional Pac-man can still compete with more popular games such as the Angry Birds and different Superhero games.

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