Top Rated racing Games
  • Spiderman Racer Game - (87% Like It) Spiderman and his enemies are competing in a bike race and he'll need your help winning! Choose between Spiderman, Sand Man, Goblin, and Octopus and then hop on your bike for a wild ride! Be careful not to crash or your race will be over!
  • Batman Truck Game - (86% Like It) Batman is racing through Gotham city's park to reach his nemesis in Batman Truck! Race over hills, pits, and other obstacles as you try to make it to your destination! Don't flip and make sure you collect bat logos to get more points!
  • Batman Stunts Game - (86% Like It) Help Batman chase down criminals as he rides his bat-bike across Gotham City in Batman Stunts! Batman will have to complete different challenges and perform tons of complex tricks if he wants to get through each level! Don't let Batman crash and burn!
  • Super Sonic Biker Game - (86% Like It) Sonic just got a new motorcycle and he wants to take it out for a spin! In Super Sonic Extreme Biker, you'll have to race on a crazy course full of hills, massive drops and more! Do your best not to let Sonic crash!
  • Flintstone Race Game - (85% Like It) Fred has just invented the first motorcycle and he'll need help navigating around the prehistoric park! In Flintstone Race Adventure you can either play as Fred or Barney as you go on a wild ride! Try to reach each save point and do your best not to crash!
  • Batman Race Game - (85% Like It) Batman is testing out some new Batmobiles and he needs help trying to figure out which one is faster! In Batman Dark Race you'll have to compete against a few different types of cars to prove that yours is the best! Watch out for powerups that will give you a massive turbo boost!
  • Ben 10 Racer Game - (85% Like It) Help Ben 10 race around the track as he tests out his new spaceship in Ben10 Speed Racer! You can choose between 5 different racers, each with their owns skill abilities! Win various races to unlock new tracks and upgrade your character!
  • Space Moto Game - (84% Like It) Help this alien reach his space ship before it takes off in Space Moto Mobil! You'll have to race across 10 different levels on your speedy motorcycle! Make sure to collect as many coins as you can to build up your score!
  • Flintstones Ride Game - (84% Like It) Help Fred get home in time to eat a delicious dinosaur meal in Flintstones Ride! Fred will want a little to eat on the way to dinner, so collect hamburgers for extra points! Make sure you beat each level in the required time or Wilma will get mad that you are late!
  • Toon Racing Game - (84% Like It) Your favorite Loony Tunes are racing for the number one spot on bikes, scooters, and more in Toon Racing! Pick your favorite character and get first to unlock new levels! Don't crash or the race will be over!
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