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All your cartoon favorites are here! Try out our numerous Spongebob games, our Ben 10 arcade games and our superhero games! You'll find Batman, Superman, Spiderman, the Hulk, and many more heroes, just waiting for you to help them save the world! Take on super powerful enemies and save your city from being destroyed! You'll find all the other arcade classics here as well, including Angry Birds, Crash Bandicoot, and many other classic video game characters that you have grown to know and love!

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  • Batman Road Game - (100% Like It) Batman has to rush to the scene of a big crime and the Joker is trying to stop him! Drive the Batmobile as you race through traffic and avoid Joker and his goons! Make sure you collect fuel to keep the Batmobile running!
  • Ben10 Battle Game - (100% Like It) Ben10 must defeat several clones menaces in Ben10 Battle! Use your powers to defeat each enemy as you lob shots across each level! See how accurate you can be and make sure you don't get hit!
  • Spongebob Run Game - (100% Like It) Run as quickly as you can and collect Krab burgers along the way! In Spongebob Run, you must guide Spongebob using the mouse and try to avoid falling! Watch out for super jumps and see how long you can survive!
  • Spongebob On Copacabana Game - (100% Like It) Spongebob and Mr. Krabs are playing some soccer and you'll get a chance to join in! Help Spongebob score as many goals as possible by timing each soccer kick! Click the mouse once to get Spongebob to run, and then click it again to have him try to kick the ball in the goal!
  • Angry Birds Bubbles Game - (100% Like It) Clear out the level of all the Angry Birds by creating a group of 3 or more matching colors! Launch each bird into the group and see if you can create a chain of matching birds! See if you can clear out each level!
  • Ben 10 Driver Game - (100% Like It) Ben10 needs to reach his destination quickly and he'll need your help! Ben 10's family is in danger and he'll need to rush to each location! Help him drive offroad in his jeep and make sure he doesn't crash!
  • Angry Birds Ride Game - (100% Like It) The Angry Birds are back and now they have a car to help them travel! Collect donuts and travel the bumpy roads as you travel in Angry Birds Ride! Make sure you don't flip your car!
  • Ironman Defend Earth Game - (100% Like It) Meteors are about to hit the Earth and Ironman is the only one who can stop them! Help Ironman fly into space and destroy each asteroid before it can hit the planet!
  • Ironman Bike Challenge Game - (100% Like It) Ironman's suit has been malfunctioning and now he'll have to get around on his motorcycle instead! Help Ironman cross multiple challenging courses in Ironman Bike!
  • Pacmania 3 Game - (100% Like It) Pacman is back in a brand new adventure! Try Pacmania 3 and play all sorts of different variations of your favorite Pacman game!
  • Pacman 3D Game - (100% Like It) Pacman is back and he's trying out a whole new type of maze! In Pacman 3D, see if you can navigate this maze and survive!
  • Spongebob Mystery Sea Game - (100% Like It) Spongebob and Patrick are on a whole new underwater adventure! In Spongebob Mystery Sea, you must help control these two friends so they can collect ancient treasures! Use your bubble packs to float around and collect each item!
  • Jerrys Way Game - (100% Like It) Jerry is looking all over the place for cheese and he'll need your help navigating each level! In Jerry's Way, you'll have to be careful walking through the jungle as you search for as much cheese as possible!
  • Sonic Fly Game - (100% Like It) Help Sonic collect coins in a whole new way! In Sonic Fly, you'll be given several different types of characters, much like in Angry Birds! Choose the type of Sonic you want to launch and then try to collect enough coins to move on to the next level!
  • Minion Way 2 Game - (100% Like It) Help this little Minion reach safety by crossing each dangerous level! In Minion Way 2, you must help collect coins and navigate through each level avoiding dangerous animals and other obstacles! See if you can complete each challenge!
  • Spongebob Bubble Game - (100% Like It) Spongebob needs help crossing a dangerous ocean floor! In Spongebob Bubble you must help launch Spongebob over underwater cliffs and obstacles! See if you can reach platform safely!
  • Toon Fun Game - (100% Like It) Sonic and friends are racing on their dirt bikes and you'll get a chance to help out! Drive each bike across each level and make sure you are first to unlock the next level! See if you can beat all 10 challenging levels!
  • Ben10 Car Rush Game - (100% Like It) Ben10 needs to rush to save his friends and he has his sports car to help him out! Drive as quickly as you can through the rolling hills to reach each checkpoint! See if you can survive all 10 challenging levels!
  • Angry Birds Switch Game - (100% Like It) Help clear the board of all the mean green piggies in Angry Birds Switch! Your goal is to replace all the pigs with an Angry Bird by placing the bird in the best location to knock out the pigs! See if you can solve each challenging level!
  • Spongebob Zuma Game - (100% Like It) Clear out each level by popping all the Spongebob themed bubbles! You must shoot each bubble so it forms a group of 3 or more of the same type of bubble! Try to get a larger match to get more points in Spongebob Zuma!
  • Stunt Moto Mouse 3 Game - (100% Like It) Help this little mouse reach the end of each level in Stunt Moto Mouse 3! You'll have to cross over dangerous obstacles and carefully navigate some challenging levels! Unlock new bikes as you reach certain checkpoints!
  • Ben10 Fun Ride Game - (100% Like It) Ben10 just got a new dirt bike and he's taking it offroad! In Ben10 Fun Ride, have fun completing each challenging level! See if you can collect all the powerups to get a high score!
  • ScoobyDoo Wrestlemania Rush Game - (100% Like It) Scooby Doo and his friends are headed to Wrestlemania and they decided to take a shortcut through the desert! Help Scooby and the gang get through each challenging level! Make sure you collect food items to get extra points!
  • Sonic Thunder Ride Game - (100% Like It) Sonic and his friend Amy are out for a motorcycle ride in icy weather and he'll need your help to make it through each level! In Sonic Thunder Ride, quickly ride through the icy mountains while collecting golden coins! See if you can survive all 10 levels!c
  • Speedy Escape Game - (100% Like It) See if you can escape down the mountain on your skis! You'll have to dodge trees, rocks and a dangerous bear! See how long you can survive in Speedy Escape!
  • Spongebob Star Adventure Game - (100% Like It) Help Spongebob collect stars as he travels across Bikini Bottom! In Spongebob Star Adventure, you'll be equipped with a fire cannon that will help you defeat any enemies that get in the way!
  • Sonic Drive Game - (100% Like It) Sonic the Hedgehog is taking a leisurely drive through the Green Hill Zone! You'll have to collect coins and make sure you don't crash as you drive!
  • Spongebob Boat Madness Game - (100% Like It) Spongebob is racing his boat on an underwater track and he needs to knock out his competitors! Steer Spongebob through the regular traffic and push off his competition by ramming into them! See if you can win the race in Spongebob Boat Madness!
  • Minion Drive Game - (100% Like It) The Minions have built their own car and they're ready to roll! In Minion Drive, you must help control the car through each level so that the Minions can safely reach their destination! See how fast you can get to the finish!
  • Wake Up Dad Game - (97% Like It) Bear Dad and his son want to get some honey but first they'll have to reach the beehive! In Wake Up Dad, you'll have to control both bears and help them work together to reach the goal! See if you can successfully navigate lots of fun, challenging levels!
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